Finlands’ premier rock ‘n’ roll covers band, The Clean Rebels formed in 2016 when Daniel Beech (vocals & guitar) and Simon Uphill (guitar & backing vocals) formed the band for a last minute show to celebrate the FinnBrits 90th birthday.

As a duo they played their first set live on Spirit FM (Finlands’ short-lived English language radio station) covering a handful of Bowie songs. Adding Joonas Pyhtilä (drums) and a couple of temporary band members to the line-up, the full band played the FinnBrits 90th birthday party, IESAF Rocks 3 (a fundraiser for the English language organisation in Helsinki) and Taiteen Sulattamo’s yearly festival. The band finished the year adding Jaakko Kuusisto (bass) and the final line-up played their last show of the year for several hundred people at the IESAF Christmas Party.

2017 saw the band play shows at Golden Classics Cafe & Bar, Dubrovnik Lounge and Lobby and Wall St. Bar amongst others, gaining the band a loyal following and further solidifying their sound as one of Helsinki’s most individual rock ‘n’ roll/old school rock bands.

In 2018 the band played several wedding shows, terrace shows and a few bar shows, and so far 2019 has seen them play several party shows in venues such as Woolshed in the heart of Helsinki.

The band can play up to 4 sets of 40 minutes with music ranging from 50’s rock and roll through to modern day rock. Crowds love the bands’ ability to pick tunes everyone knows while also covering material many other bands overlook. Make your event stand out with the best live covers band Helsinki has to offer.

The Band

Daniel Beech – Vocals/Guitar

Simon Uphill – Guitar/Vocals

Jaakko Kuusisto – Bass

Joonas Pyhtilä – Drums